UNILUX – One brand. One promise.

The only thing modern-day windows have in common with their “ancestors” is the name. Good carpentry and attractive appearance alone are no longer enough, because standards for energy efficiency, safety, and functionality have increased dramatically to meet the modern customer’s needs.  That’s why UNILUX is continuously refining and updating our products.  We want them to demonstrate an extraordinary degree of product intelligence and complex engineering.  Once you see them you’ll agree that they do.

To ensure that these masterpieces are not just available to a select group of people, UNILUX produces them efficiently, on an assembly line, so the products can be sold at prices which make top quality affordable.

The UNILUX brand advantages

Brand advantage 1: Durability

Ever since its early days, UNILUX has always used the highest-quality materials, down to the smallest detail.  For example, instead of using inferior silicone, we use smooth glazing seals made from synthetic rubber. Our high-quality workmanship and strict quality controls ensure that you get long-term enjoyment from your UNILUX windows.

Brand advantage 2: Freedom of design

Tastes are subjective. That’s why in our wood/aluminum line you can choose from three profiles (LivingLine, ModernLine, DesignLine), four wood species (pine, oak, larch and exotic wood), 187 wood finishes, 2,132 different aluminum colors/patterns, multiple handle styles, and several double-pane and triple-pane glass types. And let’s not forget: a great variety of window shapes (they don’t always have to be square!), and grid choices. There are similar options in our vinyl/aluminum, vinyl, and wood window lines.

Brand advantage 3: Energy ef ciency

UNILUX’s solid construction style not only guarantees durability, but also helps save energy. Each of our windows has state-of the-art “warm-edge” spacers between the glass panes, ensuring better thermal values, greater comfort near the window, and significantly reduced condensation build-up during colder months. Heating costs can be reduced even further when you use our highly efficient triple-pane glass with a thickness of 40 mm (1 ½”) or more.

Brand advantage 4: Safety

A window’s job is not to keep out just wind and rain, but also uninvited guests. That’s why all UNILUX locking parts are made from high-quality materials. Mushroom pin latches are a standard feature of all our wood and vinyl window fittings and provide a secure locking mechanism for any window. For maximum protection, we offer the SAFE range (with various laminated safety glass options which are certified by the German National Authority on Fire Arms and Ammunition) and special alarm systems.

Brand advantage 5: Service

UNILUX works with expertly qualified window specialist retailers, located across the country with their own showrooms. Your regional UNILUX retailer will offer you detailed advice and assist you with your plans.  Your team will also be available at any time if you have service-related needs.

Brand advantage 6: Brand quality

Since 1955, UNILUX’s philosophy has been: Only products of uncompromising quality must leave the factory. This saw our company become a recognised quality leader over the decades. Anyone who pays heed to the UNILUX logo can be certain of always receiving a “Made in Germany”-branded product.

Quality as a standard:
the basic UNILUX advantages