Open View

Full-glass corner window

OpenView allows you to gaze far into the distance – without any interfering window frames in the corner. Uninterrupted views for as far as the eye can see.

The dream which comes true

Technical masterpiece

Completely transparent, but based on a sophisticated UNILUX structure. The two conjoined symmetrical stepped-edge glass panes contains invi- sible insulation which effectively minimises condensation build-up. The black strip distinguishing the glass corner is made from high-quality ena- melling which looks like it is crushed in the glass, meaning only a shadow gap is visible. Typical UNILUX – the mastering down to the nest detail.

Freedom of design

Whether as a strip of tall windows or a large glass eld, OpenView adds value to modern, high-quality architecture. Of course, this impressive structural feature comes in wood species, contours, wood colors and external colors which blend in perfectly with the UNILUX aluminum clad wood windows. It is also available with energy saving triple-pane glass, upon request.

Maximum performance

Both in terms of energy and architecture:
The symmetrical corner is connected via two stepped-edge glass panes, allowing the glass behind them to be insulated in a virtually invisible manner.

Safety glass

The standard tempered safety glass (with seal) ensu- res rmness and optimised load distribution.

Slender profle

The ligree design enables maximum transparency. Aesthetics and robustness become one thanks to the safety glass.