The UNILUX Products

Aluminum Clad Wood

Aluminum on the outside, pure wood on the inside – combined for generations.

Wood creates comfort – it is a feel-good material. Aluminum on the other hand, offers a robust protective shield against the elements. Put together, they form an aluminum clad wood window or door which lasts for generations without the need for continuous maintenance.

The wood interior does not require UV protection in the form of colored pigments in the finish. It can be used in its natural color with just a transparent coating thanks to the aluminum shell. The aluminum cladding firmly encases the wood, protecting it from the elements while still giving room for the pieces to expand and contract and cope perfectly with temperature fluctuations.

Aluminum Clad Wood Products

  • Windows
  • Open View
  • Lift System
  • Exterior BI Fold System
  • Jumbo Line Door

Standard Version

Passive House Version

ImpactLine Series

UNILUX ImpactLine products bring our windows and doors to extreme performance.

Safe and Reliable.

To provide you with the best and most reliable protection, we have developed our ImpactLine series, which has proven itself many times over in coastal regions such as the southeastern USA, the Caribbean and Central America. Due to its robust material, it is also used for tornado areas in North America.

Highest Standard of Protection for High Risk Areas.

Unilux windows and doors were made to keep your building safe. They are made to meet international safety standards:
International Residential Code, Florida Building Code as well as various other coastal requirements using the HVHZ certification. To ensure the highest standard of protection, all our products are tested based on extreme conditions by independent agencies. On top of that, Unilux GmbH ensures code compliance for design and engineering.

ImpactLine Products

  • Patio Doors
  • Lift & Slide Doors

FineLine Façade System

FineLine Curtain Wall System

Modern day architects want more glass and less window frame. Thankfully, our FineLine façade system was created to make their dreams a reality.

Available in any of our 5 wood species on the interior, FineLine window walls are fully customizable and have incredible capabilities. The technology behind FineLine is impressive; our unique fastening system is completely hidden. Simply tell us your requirements and UNILUX in house engineers will design a system to handle just about anything.

Exterior aluminum beauty caps protect the system from the elements and are offered in a wide variety of profiles, with something for any architectural style. Interior posts and crossbars are similarly available in various shapes and sizes, suited to any homeowner’s desires.

And leave it to UNILUX to design a system that offers slim lines but is also capable of utilizing the latest glazing technologies. With the Clima Protect insulating profile, UNILUX FineLine is capable of hitting Passive House performance standards. Thanks to our very adaptable system you can use either double glazing, or tri-pane glazing up to 48mm (1.9”).

Lastly, UNILUX FineLine façade accepts window and door inserts. Want venting options or a double door in the middle of your façade? Very simple with our tailor-made window and door elements that harmonize perfectly with the system around them.

FineLine says yes where all other window systems say no.


Meisterfenster / Wood Window

Wood – timeless, renewable and beautiful. For years, Unilux Meisterfenster (a loose translation to English is “window made by experts”) has been the market leader in Germany. Wood is a material that has character, from the individuality of the grain to the color of the finish. By building with oak, pine, larch and exotic wood, we balance the natural resiliency of each species with exquisite design aesthetics.

No matter which options you choose, with our wood windows you always opt for masterful design. In addition to RAL colors, Unilux offers a selection of transparent and semi-transparent stains (e.g. oak, mahogany, beech, walnut).  And you can choose from 3 different design styles to complement any architecture.

Vinyl / Aluminum Clad Vinyl

Passive House Vinyl

Our vinyl windows are so well made they are suitable for Passive House applications.  At 88 mm (3.5”) in depth, vinyl Isostar windows offer superior thermal performance in an extremely thin package. Galvanized steel reinforcements make for a window of superior durability, which results in a long lifespan. Similar in profile to our wood clad “ModernLine,” Unilux Isostar is an extremely refined vinyl window.

Elegance Forever – Aluminum Clad Vinyl

Unilux Isostar vinyl windows with aluminum cladding blend an elegant aluminum shell—ideal for protection against the elements—with a steel reinforced PVC interior. Together they make a window that combines aesthetics, strength and longevity.  2127 various color options guarantee that you can find something that is to your taste.

And you can save too. Even though the Isostar vinyl/aluminum windows are only 90 mm (3.5”) in depth, they are engineered to be compatible with triple-paned glass for excellent thermal insulation.